Printed 3D Models

Printed 3D Models


    Models of industrial equipment which have been translated into digital form and printed on a 3D printer. Proved to be very convenient tool for the demonstration and explanation of the line to the customer that what he serves. As well as demonstrations of equipment in the stands.

    Memo aspiring studio


      When I worked for a young but rapidly growing company. While the projects were modest in size all went quite well. But when the project began to grow both in complexity and volume, and the number of render nodes, and the number of employees, then here we are expecting a very unpleasant surprise – and how to provide joint fast, simple and convenient operation for all of the studio . And unfortunately not responsible specialists or by someone other solution was found, in the end the project began to sag under their own weight. After a while I could not …

      In new year with new theme

        Site by quietly becoming more and more serious. And must not fall behind. So we meet new professional design!

        Rendering on cloud


          We all probably have heard about the clouds. Know that there are the most global and the heavy computing. The clouds are the most difficult sites, and even I had tried out the taste of the clouds and moved back to your site. Naturally I immediately felt the difference, the site began to work immediately, and I was able to customize it very subtly under your taste and needs, which cannot be done on the normal sharing hosting and the price per unit of resource has declined dozens of times. And now I came up with the idea, and that …

          Photos from the last vacation


            New portion of beautiful photos with regular trips to the Red Sea.

            Rendering on VRay on Renderman principles


              As we know now, there are only two key software render it’s VRay and Renderman. Just recently there was even and mental ray, but he is already 4 years both dead and not releasing new versions, only occasionally to give the illusion of life assigns numbers without having absolutely no functional, that is why we will not consider it. So here in this article I want to consider the key differences between Vray and Renderman. VRay render is very young, it was originally written as a plugin to a trace of light, but later authors have understood that they have turned out …

              Models of Tanks


                Unearthed from the archives of several models. Made for one computer and mobile games. But unfortunately for sad reasons were involved. In the future, or may still be involved in another project or to be sold. In the meantime, you can simply admire.

                Site has moved to the cloud

                  This has been done. Now the site is in the cloud and is able to withstand all loads. Cloud is located in the largest data center in Russia and worked side by side with Vkontakte. The site provides 12-core XEON and 44 GB RAM. Now what can I embed some modules which lacked the same hosting. Soon there will be new articles and work.

                  Creation of spherical panoramas for 3D


                    In this tutorial I will show you how to make modern spherical panoramas from the point of view of practical applications in 3D. Why is that so many people still think that what would make spherical panorama you need to remove the ball coated with chrome. And use it two balls, one with a mirrored surface to remove the reflection, second Matt, to remove luminance maps which is why are people covering the 3D scene.

                    Two panorams Kuskovskogo Park


                      Long did panoramas, decided to upgrade their skills. Here are two shot while walking panoramki kuskovskogo Park. Also this is my first winter panorama.

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